Harm None


    Penwith, the southwest tip of Cornwall, is a land of mystery and magic, of prehistoric monuments, present day witchcraft…and murder. When an American archaeological team stumbles upon the skeletal remains of a missing child beneath a Stone Age burial quoit, irascible CID detective sergeant Morgan Davies and her Scene of Crimes colleague Calum West unearth a growing list of suspects. The very night of the discovery, which coincides with the annual pagan festival of Golowan in nearby Penzance, Terry Bates, a young police constable left to guard the remains is assaulted and nearly killed by a demon in the shape of a huge horned goat.

    DS Davies has known catastrophic death from infancy. Bringing evil to justice is as inherent to her as her own pulse. Calum’s job steeps him in death daily but when his own wife dies suddenly and leaves him with their two young girls he is suddenly aware of risk to women everywhere.

    Within days, another murder is discovered, an ornate ceremonial knife buried in the new victim’s chest. Is the killer the mind-reading witch—or “village wise woman” as she likes to be called—who has long been a suspect in the child’s disappearance? Is it the drug-dealing partner of the child’s heroin addicted mother? Or is it someone even closer to the investigation? When the answer is revealed, Davies and her partner have only minutes to prevent yet another child from being killed.

    Harm None is the debut novel in the new Davies & West mystery series and the latest from the international award-winning author, Will North.

    “For lovers of English mysteries with authentic settings and spot-on police procedures, North’s Harm None is just the ticket.”
    #1 New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth George

    “With beautiful writing, laser-fast plot, memorable characters, and vivid settings, Will North weaves a mystery that should catapult him into the ‘A’ List of British Crime Writers.  You’ve found your next great read.”
    —New York Times bestselling author Robert Dugoni